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Semi Permanent Make Up

Treatments and Prices

Eyebrows £250

To create the perfect eyebrow, first we choose the colour that suits your skin tone and hair colour to create a natural look. With this chosen colour, we will stencil on your eyebrow to find the perfect eyebrow shape for your face.
Once you are satisfied with the perfect shape, we shall make it permanent for up to 2-3 years by tattooing the style that suits your facial shape, skin and hair the most. After care is simple and easy.

It’s every woman’s dream to look pretty even when they wake up at 7am! We help to fulfil that dream by offering semi permanent make up in London for eyes and lips!

Eyeliner £200

There are two techniques to choose from when applying permanent eyeliner
Fuller Eyelash Effect : involves highlighting the natural eye shape by applying ‘dots’ between the eyelashes with the hair’s natural colour, to make your eyelashes appear fuller.
The Eyeliner Effect : uses dark colours to produce a straight line on top and below the eyelid, perfect for people who always wear eyeliner, smudge their make-up on nights out, do not know how to apply eyeliner or anyone who wants to wake up looking fresh and beautiful in the morning without having to apply make-up.

Lip liner or Full Lip  £250 – £400

When we get older we loose the colour and the definition of our lips. With permament make-up we can give your lips back their youthful radiance.The are two techniques to choose from;
Lip liner : application of colour around the lip edge to create a fuller looking lip when we will colour the lip around to give an edge for the lip and make it look fuller.
Full Lip colour: Where colour is applied to the whole lip, creating a natural lipstick look.

Permament Make-up consultation and correction £300 – £450

There really is no such thing as “cheap permanent makeup”. Unfortunately some people feel the need to choose cheaper products over quality, sometimes with very poor results. Always do your research and  make sure you get it done right in the first place. If you have ever been unfortunate to have had low quality permanent make-up done elsewhere and are unhappy with the results please do not hesitate to contact us to book a correction consultation. We would love to help you. Make up is our passion.