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Our micro bond application is a type of strand-by-strand method, whereby the hair extensions are applied in individual strands. The process involves taking a few fine strands of extension hair to create one extension and then attaching it by applying a tiny bead of liquid resin to the tip of the extension and fusing it to the natural hair. The resin is gently rolled to form a hard, cylindrical micro bond or ‘seal’. Please note, that this is NOT glue, but a specially formulated polymer bonding resin specifically developed for hair extensions, and is extremely safe, non-toxic and 100% non-damaging to the natural hair. This technique of applying lots of fine individual strands creates a free-flowing hairstyle that falls and behaves like real hair, giving it an authentic, natural look. It also allows the scalp to be able to ‘breath’, since it is not obstructed by heavy weaves or other bulky types of hair extensions.

Our micro bonds are around the size of a grain of rice, making them comfortable and discrete. Many people worry that they will be very conscious of their hair extensions, when in fact most clients find that they can barely feel them in their hair and soon find that the extensions come to feel very much like their own hair.

Unlike some alternative strand-by-strand systems, we do not use pre-bonded hair extensions. Every bond is custom made during the application, allowing for a precise choice in the size and weight of each extension, which will vary according to the natural hair type and the area of the scalp. It also allows blending more than one colour into each extension where needed, creating an overall more natural look Our hair extensions are positioned carefully and strategically around the head, ensuring that they remain completely undetectable and blend with the natural hair. An inch gap is left around the hairline, so that you can wear your hair up and the bonds will not be visible.

The bonds are placed approximately 1cm from the scalp and sit completely flat to the head, enabling your own hair to continue growing freely and naturally without any disruption.

Our hair extensions are extremely versatile and can be applied to most hair types. They can even be applied to fine hair and still remain undetectable. Whatever your hair type, our hair extensions will always look completely natural.

Want to add volume and bounce to your tresses? Visit us for the best hair extensions in London. We offer micro bond application is a type of strand-by-strand method.

The quality of the human hair plays a large part in determining how real the hair extensions will look. We only use the finest quality, hand-picked European and Russian human hair, which can be reused for multiple applications due to its extremely high quality.